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 Diversity and labour market
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Diversity and labour market

More and more organisations are striving for diversity in their workforce. They find it important that all available talent is taken into consideration in matters of staff recruitment, stimulation and retention. More diversity means more creativity and innovation. Many organisations consider it important that their workforce accurately reflects the society we live in.

What is diversity?
The word diversity is understood to mean all aspects in which people can differ. For example ethnic background, nationality, faith, gender, orientation, disability, social background, age etc. 

Diversity and applying for jobs
Diversity-orientated organisations welcome applications from all candidates, irrespective of their background. They select new staff members on the basis of the profile they are seeking and the motivation of the candidates.
However not all organisations are actively engaged in creating a diverse workplace. When searching for job vacancies you can research this matter by checking whether a company is a signatory to any agreements concerning the importance of diversity in the workforce.     
Take a look, for example, on the website of Workplace Pride .

Diversity networks
Networks have been created within many organisations for staff members who, as a minority group, would like their voices to be heard. For example there are groups for female, LGBTQ and young staff members, as well as staff of different ethnic backgrounds.  

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