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Career Planning

Career Planning

Welcome to the Career Planning module! This module has been developed by the Career Services of Leiden University to support you in your search for a suitable job and career.

In the Career Planning module, you go through the entire career orientation process based on a number of steps, with information and assignments for each step. 
After an introduction on Career Planning, you get to work with the following steps:

In Step 1. Know Yourself, you will delve into a number of aspects of yourself and formulate your Personal Profile, based on a.o.:

  • Competencies
  • Interests (career choice)
  • Personality
  • Working values
  • Group roles

In Step 2. Explore the labour market you will explore what kind of job you would like to have and where, and you will come to a (Career) Job Profile, your 'own labour market':

  • Personal career profile
  • Networking

In Step 3. Develop your (application) skills you will focus on the necessary application skills, such as:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Cover letter
  • Pitching
  • Job interview
  • Assessments
  • Working conditions

In Step 4. Find a job (vacancy) you will learn more about job search strategies and job placement.

At the end of the module, you will have formulated a personal profile (self-insight) and a (career) profile (insight into your own job market), developed application skills and know how best to look for a job. You will conclude the module with an action plan and a career pitch

For whom? / access (ULCN)
The Career Planning module is available to students and student advisors, lecturers, tutors of Leiden University who work with students using this module. Young alumni can also make use of all the information and tools provided in the LU Career Zone. 
The module is accessible via ULCN inlog.