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Career Counselors LUMC Career Service
Dr. Ilse Huijskens

LUMC Education Building 3, V4-016
Hippocratespad 21, Leiden.

Open consultation hour:
The open consultation hour is every Friday from 12.30 until 13.30 at LUMC Education Building 3, V4-016.

Prefer a meeting outside Walk-In Consultation hour?
Please, book your online appointment app via this link. You will have +/- 30 minutes for a consultation, which will be taking place at room V4-016.

Online CV-check:
Send an email with the (Word) attachments to careerservice@lumc.nl. Please include “CV service” in the subject. You will receive an answer within 5 working days.

What does LUMC Career Service offer?

  • Further information about a consult with a career counselor can be found here.
  • Students at the LUMC faculty can sign up for Workshops & Events on career orientation. You can sign up for free unless there is an indication of a fee.
  • For remaining general questions: careerservice@lumc.nl.
Workshops & events

Attend Career Workshops offered by your Career Service!

Workshops & Events