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Explore the labour market
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Explore the labour market

About the labour market.

The labour market is a large playing field that is constantly in movement. When getting to know the labour market, it’s important to orient on and define what your own particular labour market is:

  • In which sector would you like to work?
  • Which fields of work appeal to you?
  • Which positions would suit you best?
  • What are your interests?
  • Which qualities and experiences would you like to put to good use?

In this section you can find general and more specific information about (parts of) the labour market: 

  • The career orientation process is a process that consists of a number of steps in which you get to know yourself and the labour market better. Even if you only just started your studies, the career orientation process is interesting to delve into. 
  • The information in Study Career gives insight in and tips and information on all the different choices during your study career like choosing for a master programme, but also deciding whether to choose another study programme or deciding whether to pursue a master programme after your bachelor programme (immediatelly). And what opportunities are there to develop yourself besides studying?
  • Check out your study programme if you are curious about specific information on the labour market and your study, for instance "what are graduates up to nowadays?".
  • In the part on labour market and fields of work you will find information on (specific parts of) the labour market:
    • Diversity and labour market
    • Doing a PhD
    • Internships
    • Labour market developments
    • Self-employed
    • Unemployed
    • Volunteer work
    • Working as a trainee - to be added
    • Working abroad
    • Working in the Netherlands
    • Working with a dissability
  • Looking for a job or shaping your study career can cause (some) tension or even career stress. This might be a development you were not hoping at this stage. It is good to know that you are not alone in this.

Looking for more information or hoping to discuss your specific situation? Make an appointment with the Career Service of your faculty.