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The Career Service Humanities team answers all questions about internships and career. Do you have questions about finding and arranging your internship? Or would you like some help in preparing for your next career step?

We offer the following services for you:

Activities, events, company visits and workshops
Throughout the year we organize various job market related events. These events will help you to explore career opportunities, help you to connect with organizations and will also assist you in understanding the process of a job search and job-application. Keep an eye on our Social platforms as well as our Calendar for events. You can watch pre-recorded events here.

Support in internship procedure
If you consider putting the knowledge from your program into practice, you can explore the possibility of an internship. Start orientating your possibilities by visiting an internship information session. This way, you can receive information about the internship procedure and listen to tips from former interns. These information sessions are available throughout the year. See the agenda for more information.

  • Find here more information on internships and vacancies.
  • The search for an internship is to be done independently. If help is required to obtain the internship of your choice, do not hesitate to contact the Career Service for some assistance.
  • After you have secured an internship, contacting the Career Service for information and guidance about the procedure to getting your internship approved by the Board of Examiners is strongly advised.

Discuss the results of a Personal Career Test
If you want to gain insights into suitable jobs, you can take a career test. After completing the questionnaire, you will receive an extensive report with an analysis of your profile. If desired, this report can be discussed with the career advisor. There are three components that create your profile: your interests, your skills, and your work values. Based on this, you will have the tools to discover possibilities and which work environment/jobs might suit you best.

  • You can do the test at home. It will take approximately fifteen minutes.
  • The meeting with the career advisor takes about 45 minutes.
  • Taking the test and receiving advice from the career advisor is free for Humanities students and alumni (up to one year after graduation).

CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile check
Are you about to apply for a (student) job, internship, or committee position? Feel free to send the drafts of your CV and application letter to before submitting your final application. Within a few working days, you will receive personal advice. You can also send us your LinkedIn profile; we will check it and provide you with feedback.

Building your network
When you are making plans regarding the future, it is highly recommended to share them with others. They can share their experiences and challenges with you. Start with reaching out to the people you know, like family, friends, peers or (former) colleagues. Once you have reached out to your social circle, you can also approach professionals you perhaps have not yet met before. Where to start? Contact us for advice on how to build your network during your studies. We can also provide you with employers- and alumni contact details. Another option: check the mentor network. Suppose you are considering using LinkedIn (more). In that case, we can tell you more about the possibilities of this platform and give you tips on ways to improve your profile.

Preparing and practicing for job interviews
Have you received an invitation for an interview? Congratulations! To be fully prepared for your interview, book an appointment with the Career Service so we can practice and prepare for the interview together. You can find more information about job interviews on our website.

Guide for organising a career event
This guide is for everyone who wants to organise a career day/job market informaion session. In this guide we inform you what to take into account when you are going to organise a job market activity. The career advisor from the Humanities Career Service can give you advice on any kind of activity. The alumni coordinator from the Communication and Marketing department can give you advice on how to promote the activity, and may also be able to send a mailing to alumni to find speakers.

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