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The Career Service Humanities team answers all questions about internships and career. Do you have questions about finding and arranging your internship? Or would you like some help in preparing for your next career step?

We offer the following services for you:

Career activities
Throughout the year we organize all kinds of activities to support you in discovering career and internship opportunities, upgrade your application skills and get in touch with the work field. Keep an eye out on our socials and calendar to stay updated about upcoming activities. Watch earlier recorded events here.

Do you consider to put your knowledge into practice during your studies? Determine whether an internship could be an option for you. Start orientating your possibilities by visiting an internship information session. This way you can receive information about the internship procedure and listen to tips of former interns.

Notice that you will search for an internship yourself to find a place of your interest. Do you need some help with this or the application process? Do not hesitate to contact the Career Service. When you have found an internship, inform us. Then, the internship coordinator advises you how to proceed and provides your internship plan with feedback so it can be submitted for approval to the board of examiners.

Explore your personal profile and options
If you need help in finding out what thrives you and what your distinctive qualities are, we can help you out. Book an appointment with the career advisor for an one-on-one. You can also meet with us to map the career options you have during and after your studies.

Personal Career Test
If you have no idea what kind of job you want to work in, you can take the career test. After completing the questionnaire, you will receive an extensive report with an analysis of your profile. This report will be discussed with the careers advisor. Your profile is determined from three angles: your interests, your actual daily behavior/skills and your work values. Based on this, we will discuss which work environment/jobs could suit you. 
The test is done at home and takes about fifteen minutes. The meeting with the career advisor takes about 45 minutes. Taking the test and receiving advice from the career advisor is free for Humanities students and alumni (up to one year after graduation).

Building your network
When you are making plans for the future, it is highly recommendable to share these with others. They can tell you about their own experiences and challenges which will bring inspiring conversations helping you explore your options and expanding your comfort zone. Start with reaching out to the people you already know: family, friends, peers or (former) colleagues. After you can approach professionals in the field you perhaps have not met yet before. Of course, that sounds exciting and where to start? Contact us for advice on how to build your network during your studies. Or register for the mentor network. If you are considering using LinkedIn (more), we can tell you more about the possibilities of this platform and give you tips on ways how to improve your profile.

Develop your application skills
About to apply for a (student) job, internship or committee? Feel free to send us the drafts of your CV and application letter before submitting it. Within a few working days you will receive some personal advice on options how to emphasize your strengths and interests. Did you convince the reader to invite you for an interview? Congratulations! To be fully prepared for your interview, book an appointment with the career advisor so we can practice together.

Workshops & events

Attend Career Workshops offered by your Career Service!

Workshops & Events