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Workshops CS Humanities

Workshops CS Humanities

The Career Service Humanities has several courses on offer:

Workshop: Competences in Humanities
Before you start to approach the labour market, it is wise to know what your value is. This workshop is about discovering your academic skills and your knowledge as a Humanities Graduate. Questions like: “What skills and knowledge are typical for a Humanities Graduate?”, “What distinguishes humanities graduates from other graduates?” will be put central. 
At the end of the workshop participants will be able to ‘sell’ themselves and explain their added value to an organization and/or company.

Workshop: How to find a job or internship in The Netherlands?
What does the international job market look like? What sort  of companies and organizations are interested in or interesting for non-Dutch professionals? This workshop is aimed at those students who are looking to launch their career in The Netherlands, but do not speak Dutch. The labour market is –like the entire world- becoming more and more internationally connected, and the Dutch labour market is no exception. Fewer organisations and companies will operate strictly on a national level. However, the majority of positions in The Netherlands require a fluency in the Dutch language. At the end of the workshop, participants will have an idea of the specific part of the labour market aimed at internationals and will be able to plan their strategy to enter this market.

Workshop: CV and Application Letter
During this workshop you learn how to create a powerful CV that best reflects your strengths and accomplishments and to write a letter of application that gets you invited for the job / internship interview. 

Workshop: Interview Skills
This session provides you with an opportunity to practice interview questions with your fellow students. 
The workshop will cover how to behave in an interview, a quick review of the different interview questions and how to answer them, time to prepare answers to sample questions and practice interview questions.

Workshop Networking & LinkedIn
Did you know that 50% of our alumni say they found their first job through their network? In other words, your network is an excellent additional strategy to consider next to browsing vacancy websites. Still, networking also means taking a step out of your comfort zone. You might get nervous about visiting formal networking events with people in suits and exchanging business cards. But in practice, networking can be more relaxed than you think. Would you like to get familiar with the phenomenon “networking”? Discover in this workshop who you can already consider your network and learn how to approach them in a way that fits you best. Also, we will look into LinkedIn: a handy networking tool and a perfect database that can help you in your orientation towards your next career step.

Calender Workshops and Information sessions
The Humanities Career Service organises all different workshops and information sessions to prepare you for your career. Have a look in our calender for all activities.

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