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Job Interview
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Job Interview

Your CV and cover letter did the trick. You’ve been invited for a job interview!

Job interviews generally consist of fixed elements. The following elements usually feature in the first interview: 

  • Introduction
  • Questions about your CV and background
  • Questions about your suitability for the position
  • Questions about your enthusiasm for the position and the company
  • Questions concerning your personality (will you fit well in the team and the company)
  • Any questions you may want to ask
  • Closing of the interview, explanation of subsequent procedures. 

Follow up interview

The points mentioned above are dealt with in more depth. You can also expect more specific questions related to the field of work. The final meeting is generally spent discussing terms of employment. You may also be offered a  contract. Always take the contract home to read carefully in your own time, before signing. 

To be well-prepared for your interview, make sure you have the following information clear in your mind: 

  • Your CV and cover letter (why did you make certain choices, what exactly have you done and what have you learned)
  • Your knowledge, skills and qualities – all supported by examples
  • Why you are enthusiastic about this job and this company
  • The details of the job vacancy, e.g. duties and job requirements
  • Your replies to the standard job application questions 
  • Your replies to the example questions according to the STARR method: questions relating to behaviour
  • Any questions you want to ask, for example about what the job involves, the job requirements, the team, the department, what happens after this interview
  • The names and backgrounds of the people who are going to interview you
  • The planning of your journey to the interview, allowing extra time in case of delays
  • A suitable outfit for a company of this type.

Video job applications 

Organisations are increasingly making use of video job application as a selection tool. This can take the form of Skype interviews or asking candidates to submit a pitch online. Do you want to know more about doing a video interview? Read our tips! 

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