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Psychological tests may be used during the selection process and are intended to provide employers with an accurate picture of your knowledge, abilities, skills and character. 


Personality questionnaires
In a personality questionnaire you’ll be presented with a number of statements about certain behaviours or opinions, and will be asked  to state to what degree they apply to you and to what extent you agree with the statements. Take a look at an example of a personality test.

Aptitudes tests 
The goal of these tests is to measure general intelligence and reasoning skills. Aptitude tests are generally divided into: 

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Syllogisms
  • Abstract reasoning

You can prepare for aptitude tests through practice. See right column. 

Characteristics of aptitude tests

  • Against the clock
  • Multiple choice
  • There is only ever one correct answer

Role playing
Role playing, with an actor, involves simulating a difficult workplace situation whilst being observed. The theory is that the behaviour you exhibit during the role play will be the same as in a real life situation on the work floor. 

The use of games is becoming increasingly popular. You may, for example, be asked to work in a group to try to achieve a specific goal using digital resources (a situation that occurs frequently on the work floor). 

An interview involves having an in-depth discussion with an assessment psychologist. These types of discussions are often based on the STARR method. You’ll be asked in detail about a situation from your past, for example what happened, what did you do, what was the result, what did you learn etc. 


Your assessment preparation is crucial with the most important tip is that practicing for your assessment really helps. You will be more relaxed and have the upper hand over other candidates. So be well informed and make sure to read these assessment tips.