Leiden University Career Zone


Career Planning

Welcome to the Career Planning roadmap! This module has been developed by the Career Services of Leiden University to support you in your search for a suitable job and career.

In this Career Planning roadmap you go through the entire career orientation process on the basis of a number of steps, which you can also find in more detail in the LU Career Zone:

  • Career orientation process
    • The Career orientation process
    • Personal profile and Personal career profile
    • Employability
    • Career stress
    • Study career planning
  • Step 1. Know yourself
    • Competencies
    • Interests (career choice)
    • Personality
    • Working values
    • Group roles
    • Personal profile
  • Step 2. Explore the labor market
    • Personal career profile
    • Networking
    • Personal career profile 2
  • Step 3. Develop your (application) skills
    • Curriculum vitae
    • LinkedIn profile
    • Cover letter
    • Pitching
    • Job interview
    • Assessments
    • Working conditions
  • Step 4. Find a job (vacancy)
    • Recruitment
  • Transition to the labour market
    • Attention is paid to the transition to a new phase in your life and your preparations for your first starter job.
  • Completing Career Planning module
    • Action Plan
    • Career Pitch

For whom? / access (ULCN)
The Career Planning module is available to students and student advisors, lecturers, tutors of Leiden University who work with students using this module. Young alumni can also make use of all the information and tools provided in the LU Career Zone. 
The module is accessible via ULCN inlog.