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Instead of becoming an employee, you could instead choose to be self-employed and/or start your own business.

Do you have a good idea for a business of your own? If so, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and government can provide you with information on all aspects of becoming an entrepreneur.

How to get started

  • There is a "point of entry" created by the Ministery of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy that aims to connect international entrepreneurs to the Dutch startup ecosystem. 
  • The Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) can provide detailed information on the various forms of company and how to start your own business. Why don’t you make an appointment, or attend one of their seminars on ‘starting your own business’.

You can also make use of a range of networks, such as LUGUS, which aim to help student entrepreneurs and to provide information and inspiration. LUGUS is affiliated with Leiden University and offers a platform, network and meeting place for entrepreneurship.

Networks for entrepreneurs

  • Centre for Innovation: a platform for entrepreneurship and innovation in The Hague -  affiliated with Leiden University.
  • LUGUS: an association for student entrepreneurs.
  • Luris: an initiative aimed at supporting and stimulating Leiden students and academics engaged in entrepreneurship.
  • PLNT Leiden: a platform, network and meeting place for entrepreneurship and innovation in Leiden – affiliated with Leiden University.
  • Gulliver: a platform for Entrepreneurship in Leiden

Entrepreneurship during your studies
If you want to learn more about entrepreneurship during your studies, search the e-prospectus for relevant courses.

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