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Working as a trainee
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Working as a trainee

Looking for a job after graduation can be difficult as you might have limited relevant working experience. Traineeships are a great opportunity to further develop your professional skills in your field of interest while already getting paid.

Compared to a starter position, traineeships will offer more training and coaching. On average, traineeships are 1-3 year programs during which you will explore different positions or projects in one organization. Often, traineeships are designed to get you ready to continue in the company once you have completed the program.

It is important to look behind the term "traineeship" by the way because employers (mis)use different terms for the same thing (and the same terms for different things), so you will also find "traineeships" that are actually more an internship or voluntary work.

Ten reasons to do a traineeship

  • Develop professional skills.
  • Learn within different teams.
  • Enjoy active coaching and training.
  • Explore what your interests are.
  • Increase your networking potential.
  • Gain hands-on experience.
  • Possibility of a permanent position afterwards.
  • Start making a salary while further developing yourself.
  • Learn from experienced colleagues.
  • Gain work experience for your CV.

Application tips from previous trainees

  • Prepare your interview well and practice the conversation
  • Think about what you have to offer & what you like to gain
  • Practice an ability test
  • Tell something about yourself; make it personal and honest
  • Social involvement is often important: provide a good motivation and give examples
  • Take key words from the vacancy text and make a pitch to show how you meet them
  • Contact people within the organization and ask questions
  • Can you do the job? Do you want to do the job? Are you fun to work with?
  • Show what you can do and don't hold back!

Would you like to see if you can find suitable traineeships? Then visit various vacancy websites.

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