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For organisations

For organisations

Are you looking for students or young people who want to contribute to society by doing volunteer work? The FSW Community Engagement Service would be happy to help you get in touch with our students.

The Community Engagement Service (CES) is part of the FSW Career Service and supports and advises students taking the degree programmes in Psychology, Education and Child Studies, Political Science, and Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology.

Students can turn to the CES if they have any questions about the further path of their studies or career or about preparing themselves for the labour market. Students are keen to gain relevant practical experience, but they don't always know what the possibilities are and how to find suitable work with flexible participation.

We support students by providing:

  • Individual interviews and advice (about study path or career path)
  • Workshops related to volunteer work and job interviews
  • Volunteering and career events (lectures, markets, etc.)
  • Vacancy sites
  • Career assessments (volunteering assessment / interests / competences / personality / work ethics)
  • Information via our communication channels

We use the following channels to reach the students:


  • We work closely with iDoe for vacancies in the Leiden region, and make good use of their new and improved vacancy database, which bring us into contact with organisations such as yours.
  • For our students in The Hague we work closely with Volunteer the Hague.
  • In addition, you can advertise your vacancies free of charge in the job portal run by the LU Career Zone: post a vacancy.
    We regularly highlight specific vacancies!

Voluntary work for international students
Opportunities/vacancies for our international students (English-speaking) are much needed, especially in the Leiden region. This is a really enthusiastic group of students, but it is sometimes hard for them to find volunteer positions because they don't speak much Dutch.

Advisory / research assignments
For several degree programmes we're also looking for practical assignments, to be done by students either individually or in groups, that require them to carry out an advisory assignment or research task for an organision. For students this is an ideal opportunity to put their academic skills into practice.

If you see any opportunities in this connection, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Career Service FSW / Community Engagement Service
Phone: 071-5273840


Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, including:

Career Service FSW / Community Engagement Service
Tel: 071-5273840

The Hague Volunteer

Volunteer work The Hague

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