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Community Engagement Service

Community Engagement Service

The Community Engagement Service (CES) of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences aims to inform, advise, and support students regarding relevant (extra-curricular) work experience, with a strong focus on volunteer work.

The CES is a counter or platform that brings together and coordinates supply and demand for ‘a helping hand’: students seeking experience, and societal organisations seeking help.

The activities in question all have a societal component and vary from social assistance and support to certain target groups to applying academic skills to solving pressing societal issues.
These activities are mostly unpaid and carried out on a voluntary basis, as a valuable addition to the student's study programme and a service to society.

The Community Engagement Service works closely with several organisations, including:

Within the Faculty, possibilities include:

Incluzio Leiden and VolunteerTheHague - volunteer work platforms
These two organisations facilitate volunteer work in the regions of Leiden and The Hague, respectively. They act as ambassadors, brokers, and centres of knowledge and advice in this field.
Their platforms provide a wealth of opportunities for volunteers and organisations. This is where supply meets demand.

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The Hague Volunteer

Volunteer work The Hague

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