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Working after graduation
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Working after graduation

You got your degree, congratulations! But now what? Where can you find work?

Finding a job – this goes for Dutch students as well – can be quite a challenge. There is no single tip, golden key or secret website with the answer. However, the following steps might give you some guidance:

  1. Know yourself: In order to know your added value to organisations, it is important to know about yourself. What are you good at? What gives you energy?
  2. Explore the labour market: Once you are aware about your skills, knowledge and interests, it is time to connect these to concrete opportunities on the labour market.What kind of positions are available? Do I meet the requirements? If you miss some of the requirements, is it possible to gain those skills or this knowledge?
  3. Take action! Make sure your CV and LinkedIn are up to date. Search for interesting positions. Found one? Write an enthusiastic motivation letter, specifically designed for the position you are applying for.

Where to start looking for jobs?

  • The Facebook pages of the Career Services
  • The CareerZone has a job portal
  • Contact your faculty’s Career Service for contacts with alumni
  • Check vacancies on LinkedIn
  • Post a message on your own LinkedIn profile stating you are available
  • Approach people with interesting careers, ask to meet for coffee & advice

Regulations for NON-EU/AAE Students (2020)
After graduation, you will have a year to find a job or self-employment opportunity if you apply for the so-called ‘Zoekjaar’ (search year). This orientation year grants you access to the Dutch labour market: there are no requirements for work permit, salary or proof of sufficient funds (these rules are subject to regular changes, Leiden University cannot be held accountable for any outdated or incorrect information). Also check out the FAQs.

  • Application deadline: up to 3 years after graduation;
  • It is possible to apply for an orientation year from abroad;
  • You can enjoy the benefits of the orientation year for a maximum of 1 year;
  • You can apply for the orientation year each time you have completed a study program, doctoral program or scientific research as long as the new degree is obtained after the previous orientation year ended;
  • In 2019, the costs for application were €171.

Immigration and Naturalisation Service

LU Career Zone Vacatures

Find out if there are regulations for working in your profession in the Netherlands. 


LU Career Zone Vacatures

Check the vacancy websites per vacancy type and sector. 

Vacancy websites

LU Career Zone Vacatures

Leiden University Job portal

Find vacancies for internships, volunteer jobs and interesting side jobs here! 

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