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Networking interview questions
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Networking interview questions


  • Work experience of the person you are meeting with (previous positions and how long have they been in the job)
  • Did the person consciously choose to enter this profession/field of work? 
  • If not, how did he/she end up in this job?

The position

  • Job title and brief description 
  • Context/environment in which the work is carried out (e.g. working outdoors, irregular working hours, ratio of team/individual work etc.)
  • Other aspects to be taken into account? (work clothing, footwear, safety equipment etc. )
  • Main duties, other duties, details of duties
  • Describe a normal working day/week
  • Describe a normal month/year 
  • What distinguishes a top performer in this position from a mediocre performer? 
  • What is the average age of employees in this position? 
  • What is the hierarchical structure within the organisation?
  • What are the good/positive aspects of the job (e.g. certain tasks or duties)
  • Perks of the job (advantages, e.g. 13th month, company car, shares etc.)
  • Less fun sides of the job (e.g. certain tasks or duties)
  • Disadvantages of the job (e.g. working hours, location, working outdoors etc.) 


  • What qualification(s)/diplomas are required; what level (university degree or professional training)? 
  • Work experience required?
  • What personal qualities/skills are important?
  • Any physical requirements? 
  • Are certain attitudes to work expected (e.g. willingness to do overtime)? 


  • What type of training is given to new recruits and long-term employees? 
  • Options for further education/courses?
  • Are there opportunities for growth? Is there room for personal development within the job? 

Prospects, career development?

  • Is further training required due to (rapid) changes in this field of work?  
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