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LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn can be seen and used as:  

  • An online social network focused on the labour market: where employers, employees and job seekers can come together.
  • A networking channel: where you can easily make contact with others, via personal connections, groups and organisations. 
  • An online professional address book: where you can request background information and contact details from your connections and others.
  • A job vacancy database: where vacancies, internships, projects and volunteer opportunities are shared by people and organisations, both within their personal networks and in groups. You can also sometimes apply for jobs via LinkedIn. 
  • News channel: where experts and organisations share updates, articles, news and research within their networks and in groups.
  • Social business platform: where commercial goals are pursued via connections, groups and organisations

LinkedIn profile

Having a good LinkedIn profile is an important first step.
Read more here about the requirements for a good profile

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