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More tests

The Career Services offers a number of free professional career tests.

More tests
The Career Service offers a number of free professional tests (via 123 test). You can take these independently, or as part of a career advice plan. There are also a number of (free) online tests available.

Icares professional career-choice tests
In addition to the tests offered by 123test, via the Career Service you can also take free career-choice and competency tests offered by Icares Professional.
After taking a career-choice test you’ll be provided with a list of professions, accompanied by the required competencies and educational qualifications for each.
Competency tests compare your results with the competencies required for specific professions.

Requesting a career-choice test / competency test
Send an email in which you request to receive these tests to careerservices@sea.leidenuniv.nl
You’ll receive the test via email and can take it at home, in your own time.

Discussing test results 
Would you like to discuss your test results? Make an appointment with the Career Service.

Doubts about your study choice?
Take a free study-choice test on Icares.com


VIA Strenghts Finder

Take the free strenghts finder test on https://www.viacharacter.org/survey

Personality Type Test

Take the free personality type test on http://jung.test.typologycentral.com/

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Would you like to discuss your test results? Make an appointment at your faculty's Career Service:

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