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Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology

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Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology

Which master's programmes are open to you after completing this bachelor's programme? And what job opportunities are there?

After graduation
After your bachelor's programme, you can enter the world of work straight away. You might decide to stop studying for good, or you might just want to take a break and do a master's degree a bit later on.
Graduates of university bachelor's programmes have a different profile from graduates of HBO bachelor’s programmes; in addition to knowledge and experience, university graduates acquire a whole range of academic skills, while HBO students acquire more practical skills.

Relevant skills and insights
Anthropologists learn to observe and analyse from different perspectives and to apply different methods and theoretical insights to specific situations. For example, how policies can change communities, how social conflicts arise, why groups of people become excluded and how culture, politics and economics influence everyday life in all kinds of ways. 

Thanks to these skills and insights, anthropologists are in demand in all sectors and can work well with other specialists. For example, anthropologists work with people in the fields of sustainability, social media and corporate social responsibility and at museums, in the film world and at marketing agencies. 
Especially in sectors in which there is increasing interaction between people from different parts of the world, anthropologists can play an important role.

Master's programme
Employers are particularly interested in academics with a completed master's degree and a clear profile. Most students therefore choose to follow a master's programme after their bachelor's degree.

On the master's programmes page you will find more information about:

  • the master's programmes/specialisations you have access to once you have completed this bachelor's programme.
  • potential future positions and employers of graduates with a particular master’s degree.

Choosing a Master's programme
Need help deciding which master's programme is the right one for you? Take a look at this page!