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Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences (EDU/SCS/SBB)

Opleiding: Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences (EDU/SCS/SBB)

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Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences (EDU/SCS/SBB)

What are the professional opportunities for graduates of this programme?

The Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences master's programme offers 4 practical oriented specialisations:

  • Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences and Education (this programme is mainly taught in Dutch)
  • Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences and Business Studies
  • Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences and Science Communication and Society
  • Industrial Pharmacy (this programme is taught in Dutch)

And 3 research specialisations:

Go to Positions for information on potential job positions and employers and to Useful links for information relevant to the programme.

You will find more information about the master programme Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences and career prospects on the Mastersite.