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Planning & Organization

Planning and organising
Surveying the work; setting goals and priorities. Planning the activities, time and resources needed.

  • Creates priorities by classifying issues into matters of major and lesser importance.
  • Considers carefully beforehand how to tackle an issue systematically.
  • Formulates measurable objectives for self and others.
  • Creates frameworks for completing tasks in an orderly and efficient way.
  • Anticipates on unexpected events by adapting the plans accordingly.
  • Realistically estimates the time, people and resources needed to achieve a goal.

Result orientation
Focusing on the achievement of goals and of quantitative and qualitative results.

  • Translates goals into specific measurable and/or visible results.
  • During a discussion, determines what the arrangements are (i.e. who does what when).
  • Calls others to account when targets are not achieved or results are disappointing.
  • If there is a setback, redoubles his or her efforts to ensure that the desired result is achieved after all.
  • Makes efficient use of the time and resources available.
  • Achieves objectives on schedule. 

Monitoring (progress checks)
Acting to monitor and check the progress made on activities or tasks.

  • Makes clear agreements at the start of a project or work about the different points in time at which evaluation will take place.
  • Maintains an overview of the work.
  • Makes interim checks as to whether the work is progressing as agreed.
  • Calls people to account if agreed deadlines are not met.
  • Takes the initiative to get feedback or reports from team members.
  • At the end of discussions, makes follow-up arrangements.
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