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Creativity, communication, presentation, planning, organisation, leadership, entrepeneurship, personal effectiveness...

These skills, amongst others, are known as work and life skills (or 21st century / transferable skills). They are essential for success in modern-day society. Work and life skills can be put to good use both within and outside your professional life. You can acquire them from many sources, for example your studies, your (part-time) job, your sports team, your home environment etc. But maybe you need to work on certain skills? When preparing for the job market, it’s a good idea to find out which skills you’ve mastered and which you need to develop more.  

Which skills and what exactly are they? 
Here you can find a selection of work and life skills explained in more detail. This information is taken from the Dutch Universities’ Competency Instrument, issued by the VSNU-NOA. 
This instrument describes 32 competencies, and provides competency-related questions and tips for skill development. See the full overview here. For each competency you’ll find further information and details of relevant training courses.

Why are these skills valuable?  
Employers consider work and life skills to be extremely important. At least as important as job-specific or technical skills. The better your mastery of these skills, the greater your chance of landing the job, getting the pay rise, being promoted etc. When applying for jobs it’s important to have a clear picture of yourself and your competencies, in order to better present yourself to employers. 

You also use work and life skills in your everyday life. All the more reason to develop them! 

Take a look in the e-prospectus for skill-related courses. 

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