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Managing for results, binding leadership, coaching.

Managing for results
Directing and steering a (project) group in order to achieve the desired objectives and results.

  • States the expected performance or results in clear, specific arrangements that include a time frame
  • Ensures that within a team or working group tasks are allocated clearly in order to achieve results.
  • Offers guidance and direction when people express doubt about the chosen approach.
  • Monitors the progress made in achieving results and compares these to the original objectives.
  • When performances disappoint, addresses the person(s) in question.
  • Expresses his or her appreciation to team members who achieve the agreed goals and results. 

Binding leadership
Creating synergy in a group, encouraging mutual commitment and motivating them to form effective alliances, while taking account of the diversity within the team.

  •  Invites group members to make their own contribution.
  • Inspires the team.
  • Ensures there is collaboration and cohesion.
  • Ensures and maintains an open style of communication among others by setting a good example here.
  • Knows how to encourage people to find solutions if others are getting in the way.
  • Organises the decision-making process in such a way that everybody can make their own contribution, thus ensuring the decision is well-supported. 

Assisting and encouraging others so that they make the best possible use of their personal and professional qualities and develop their talents further in ways that benefit their careers.

  • Supports less experienced group members with their work.
  • Provides accurate feedback on a member’s performance, positive or negative.
  • Encourages group members to come up with solutions and action.
  • Encourages group members to actively work on their career opportunities.
  • Helps staff or group members to develop their potential talents.
  • Gives group members instructive and challenging tasks.