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Adaptability and stress-resistance
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Adaptability and stress-resistance

Adaptability, stress-resistance.

Adaptability (flexibility)
Adapting to and capitalising on different people and new or changing circumstances.

  • Is open to changes in his or her tasks.
  • Finds it easy to switch between different tasks.
  • Adapts his or her approach to the person, culture or situation.
  • Quickly masters the culture in a new environment/organisation.
  • Adjusts the own opinion based upon new information and/or persuasive arguments put forward by others.
  • Is able to cooperate with a whole range of people. 

Continuing to perform effectively when under time pressure and in the face of setbacks, disappointments or resistance.

  • Continues to work systematically when a number of people simultaneously ask for his or her contribution and/or commitment.
  • Continues to work calmly and effectively when deadlines approach.
  • Continues to respond self-assuredly in the face of tension and emotion.
  • Recovers quickly from a setback or disappointment.
  • Doesn’t take his eye off the ball during crises.
  • Responds calmly in the face of resistance or personal reproach.