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Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges

After you Bachelor’s programme
You could look for a job directly after your Bachelor studies. This could represent the end of your academic career or just a break before continuing onto a Master’s programme at a later date. University Bachelor’s degrees have a different profile to Bachelor’s degrees from universities of applied science (Hbo). In addition to knowledge and experience, a university Bachelor’s programme also teaches academic skills, whereas a Hbo Bachelor’s programme teaches more practical skills. 

Master’s programmes
Employers tend to prefer academics with a full Master’s degree and a well-defined profile. Most student choose to do a Master’s programme after obtaining their Bachelor’s degree. In the menu on the left you can see:

  • which Master’s programmes/specialisation are available after each study programme;
  • in which companies and positions graduates of specific Master’s programmes tend to work. 

Needs tips on how to choose the right Master’s programme? Go to this page.  

The LUC offers a broad bachelor programme which prepares you for several master's programmes. This is related to your choice of major.

  • Human Diversity (BA)
  • International Justice (BA)
  • World Politics (BA)
  • Earth, Energy and Sustainability (BSc)
  • Global Public Health (BSc)
  • Governance, Economics and Development (BSc)

Many LUC alumni choose a master's programme of one of the faculties: 

  • Humanities
  • Glovernance and Global Affairs
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Leiden Law School

Here you will find further information per master's programme regarding career prospects of Leiden University alumni.

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Information on bachelor programmes 

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LU Career Zone Arbeidsmarkt

Choosing master programme

Choosing master programme

Alumni Leiden University College

Alumni Leiden University College