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The Career Service FSW offers, together with the central Career Services (Plexus Student center) events and workshops to help you explore the labour market and finding a job.

Workshops Finding your dream job
During your study you will wonder regularly what you will do “in the future” with all the knowledge and skills gained. What kind of jobs will fit that experience? What kind of employers will be looking for me? And what do I want? And even if you know (just about) what you are looking for, it isn’t that simple to find it. Where and how to start looking?
This workshop is meant for students and alumni that want to get a clearer picture of their (personal) job market. We will discuss how to map chances and opportunities and how this can help you make effective choices. If you already have a clear(er) perspective on what you are looking for in a job, this workshop will help you identify interesting employers as a step towards getting into contact and applying.
In “Finding your dream job” tips will be discussed on how to gain insight in your future job market, which jobs are possible (in the future) and which organisations will be interested or interesting. Practical tips will be share on how to search effectively. Also networking and specifically the use of LinkedIn will be discussed.

Workshop What do I have to offer an employer?
The purpose of this workshop is to gain insight in your specific knowledge, skills, ambition and values. Before knowing which career, job and organisation fits you best and you can start working on pursuing that, it is helpful to have a clear picture of your individual profile. Framed by some theory, the focus of the workshop will be on practical ways to get clarity on what you have to offer an employer. This workshop is meant for students and recent graduates that want to get a clearer picture of themselves and how to use that knowledge in their (study) career.

Workshop CV, LinkedIn profile and cover letter
Effectively presenting yourself is a vital part of landing a job that suits you. In this workshop you will increase your understanding of how your cv. Linkedin-profile and cover letter are used in that process and make sure they target your career goals. By the end of this workshop your cv, LinkedIn profile and cover letter will say "Interview me!"

Workshop Application interview
How to prepare for an application interview? How to formulate effective answers? What does an application interview and (online/offline) procedure look like? This workshop will deal with all these questions with a lot of room for interactive practice! This workshop is meant for students and recent graduates that wish to prepare for an application interview now or in the (near) future.

Workshop Assessments
Which kind of assessments can we distinguish and how to prepare (for each one)? In this workshop you will be presented all kind of theory, tips and exercises. This workshop is meant for students and recent graduates who wish to prepare for an assessment (as part of an application process).
More and more traineeships and graduate jobs require an assessment. Psychological tests may be used during the selection process and are intended to provide employers with an accurate picture of your knowledge, abilities, skills and character. The workshop is organised in cooperation with the assessment agency LTP. During the interactive workshop you will play a role game, simulate a difficult workplace situation, complete a personality questionnaire and get some usefull assessment tips.

CareerTime FSW - CareerMarket
The Career Service of the faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences organizes CareerTime regularly in cooperation with study associations, alumni and other partners, concerning your (future) career. This can be in the form of a CareerMarket or CareerCollege.

During a CareerMarket it is possible to work on your career supported by the FSW Career Service, study associations and other partners. Amongst others: have your CV checked, shoot a professional LinkedIn photo or be informed on possible career opportunities.

During a CareerCollege alumni of Leiden University will talk about what it’s like to “work in a specific field’ with also plenty of opportunity for you to ask questions. What does it all involve to work in a specific field? What capabilities and characteristics are necessary? And how did the alumnus get there? After the college it is possible to have an informal drink with the speakers and other participants.

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