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Do’s & Don’ts

Be aware of the pitfalls you can step into during the study process. Therefore, carefully read the do's and don'ts below.


  • Start exploring the possibilities in time.
  • Investigate with an open mind. Don't immediately rule out options without investigating them.
  • Be aware that all programmes have components that may be less interesting.
  • Make a motivated choice of study.
  • If you need an alternative, for instance if you are not selected for Medicine, make sure that the alternative is also fun enough.
  • Be realistic about your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Turn your hobby into your study: your motivation and interest in your chosen course or profession are important factors in the success of your later career.
  • Take a break from studying if you really can't get it done. Taking a year off from studying and instead travelling and/or working can provide you with a lot of self-knowledge and also increase your study motivation.
  • Push your limits. If it turns out that the perfect course for you is only offered on the other side of the country, it might be worth taking the plunge.
  • Break traditions. It seems easy to stay within the established (family) paths. My grandfather and mother are doctors too' is a common motive. Remember that every person is different and that your interests should be decisive.


  • Choosing too quickly or postponing choices for too long.
  • Taking things for granted, for example: I am doing vwo, so I have to go to university / I choose a course close by, that's easier.
  • Searching for the perfect study programme. It doesn't exist.
  • Choosing against an education. Stripping things out can work well, but don't choose the last one just because that one is left over.
  • Focusing on one study.
  • Without a talent for maths, studying maths - even if you think it's fun.
  • Turn your hobby into your study: you might lose your hobby as such.
  • Taking a break from studying as a means of procrastination, if choosing a course of study is difficult for you.
  • Choose a study close to home, even if the content of the study is less interesting for you.
  • Staying within the beaten family path without thinking about your own interests, abilities and motives for choice.