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Choosing a Master’s program

Obtaining your Master’s degree is the culmination of your university studies.  

A master's degree pays off. You are more likely to find a first job on a high level in comparison to graduates with a bachelor's degree.
You can choose to do a Master in Leiden, elsewhere in the Netherlands, or anywhere in the world.

Tips for choosing your Master’s programme 

  • Start researching your options during the second year of your bachelor programme;
  • Research the online study guide for specific courses of the Master’s programmes;
  • Attend an information session about your (intended) Master’s programme;
  • Speak to students currently following your intended Master’s programme;
  • Look into the career prospects for graduates of the programme;
  • Check on LinkedIn where alumni work;
  • Speak to alumni of your intended programme about their experiences and careers - use the Alumni Mentor Network;
  • Make a list of pros and cons before making your final decision;
  • Check that you meet the admission criteria for your intended programme;
  • Make a careful note of application deadlines and don’t miss them!

Masters in Leiden
Leiden University has around 70 study disciplines which together offer 250 different Master’s specialisations. You can choose to follow a Master’s programme that directly follows on from your Bachelor, or a Research Master. Be aware that for a Research Master you will generally have to go through an admission and/or selection procedure. 

On mastersinleiden.nl you can find an overview of all the Master’s programmes offered by Leiden University, as well as practical information about how to apply, student registration, student finance and much more. 

Masters elsewhere in the Netherlands or abroad 
If you have a Bachelor’s degree from Leiden University and want to do a Master’s programme elsewhere you will have to go through an application and/or selection procedure. You can find more information on the website of the university in question. 

For Master’s options in the Netherlands see: studies-in.nl.

You can also choose to do part, or all, of your Master’s programme abroad. A period of study abroad is actually recommended if you are doing a two-year (research) Master’s programme in Leiden. You can find more information on our Study Abroad site
For Master’s options worldwide see: mastersportal.eu

Need help choosing your master's program?
Ask your study adviser for advice or visit the Career Service for help and advice on your master's choice and career prospects.

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