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How do I search for a job?

Using the information in the ‘Know yourself’ section, you have now gained a clearer picture of who you are and what you find important in a job. The next step is to define exactly what sort of job that should be: 
  • In what sector and region would you like to work? 
  • What kind of organisation appeals to you? Consider products and services, atmosphere and scope of the organisation.
  • What activities and tasks would you like to do? 
  • What conditions are important to you? For example opportunities for growth, salary, commuting distance etc.  
The activities below can help you to answer these questions for yourself: 
  • Speak to people who work for employers, or in sectors, that you might find interesting. Read more about how to do this under ‘Networking’.
    The Mentor Network and LinkedIn can be useful in this respect. 
  • To gain a clearer picture of the entire labour market, take a look at the research and reports provided here.
  • Gain inspiration by reading about general employment climate in the Netherlands, for example via Holland Alumni
  • Find out which sectors appeal to you. A sector is a group of organisations that operate in the same area. Once you have found an interesting sector, you can draw up a list of organisations that you want to find out more about. 
  • Start collecting job vacancy advertisements that appeal to you. For the time being, don’t pay any attention to the qualifications and experience required for the positions. Concentrate solely on the aspects of the job that interest you and which you might like to do. Find the common thread running through all the vacancies you have collected. What positions, aspects or organisations are a common factor?  
  • Visit career events, in-house days and business courses. 
  • Do an internship, voluntary or part-time work in a specific field of expertise. 
  • Make a list of interesting employers and positions. Keep adding to this list. 
  • Armed with the information gained from these activities, you can outline what you think would be your ‘perfect job’ and start looking for a vacancy that resembles it. You’re now ready to start applying for jobs!

Draw up an Excel sheet of all your job application activities and deadlines, to provide you with a realistic overview. For example, how many jobs are you applying for each week; how many contact people have you notified about your search criteria; what is the status of your applications? 

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