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Personal effectiveness

Flexibility (adaptability)
Adapting to and capitalising on different people and new or changing circumstances.

  • Is open to changes in his or her tasks.
  • Finds it easy to switch between different tasks.
  • Adapts his or her approach to the person, culture or situation.
  • Quickly masters the culture in a new environment/organisation.
  • Adjusts the own opinion based upon new information and/or persuasive arguments put forward by others.
  • Is able to cooperate with a whole range of people. 

Acts and complies with existing values, principles and rules to the best of one’s knowledge. Can be tackled about this and tackles others about it too.

  • Takes care when handling confidential information
  • Supports previously agreed commitments and obligations.
  • Does not misuse prior knowledge, personal information or his or her position.
  • Does not withhold information that another person is entitled to.
  • Propagates professional and organisational principles and values.
  • Continues to act in an honest and trustworthy way in the face of temptation or pressure. 

Continuing to perform effectively when under time pressure and in the face of setbacks, disappointments or resistance.

  • Continues to work systematically when a number of people simultaneously ask for his or her contribution and/or commitment.
  • Continues to work calmly and effectively when deadlines approach.
  • Continues to respond self-assuredly in the face of tension and emotion.
  • Recovers quickly from a setback or disappointment.
  • Doesn’t take his eye off the ball during crises.
  • Responds calmly in the face of resistance or personal reproach.

Showing that he or she critically evaluates his or her own behaviour, viewpoints and methods and is open to evaluation by others. Showing a willingness to learn from these evaluations by changing his or her behaviour, position or methods.

  • Asks for personal feedback.
  • Can be called to account on own behaviour and/or errors.
  • Shows real understanding of own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Regularly evaluates the own approach and considers ways of improving or modifying it.
  • Tries to improve weaknesses by modifying own behaviour, position or methods.Shows he or she has an understanding of their own cultural background, standards and values and the effect these have on others.