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Initiative and entrepreneurship

Identifying problems and opportunities and taking appropriate action on own initiative.

  • Takes the initiative to ask look for additional information.
  • Takes initiatives in his or her work.
  • Takes the initiative in coming forward with own ideas, solutions or proposals for improvements.
  • Takes the lead with new developments by taking on activities and responsibilities.
  • Achieves breakthroughs in difficult situations by being the first to take up a position.
  • Takes action in order to create an opportunity or prevent future problems. 

Entrepreneurship (daring)
Identifying opportunities and possibilities for the development of new knowledge and areas of application and/or for new services. Acting accordingly and daring to take sensible risks when doing so.

  • Looks for opportunities and possibilities.
  • Dares to take up new things.
  • Comes forward with new ideas for knowledge and areas of application, products and services.
  • Does research in marketing and environment.
  • Indicates which investments are needed in order to capitalise on market opportunities.
  • Dares to take sensible risks in order to achieve specific advantages.
  • Undertakes action to create new applications, products or services.