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Analytical ability and creativity

Analytical capacity
Analysing situations or information and deciding what is of major and what is of lesser importance. Seeing interrelationships and getting to the core of the matter.

  • Divides information into items of major and lesser importance.
  • Analyses an issue or problematical situation to get to the core of the matter.
  • Examines a problem from different viewpoints to see whether it is the actual problem.
  • Describes the internal relationship between different perspectives of a problem or issue.
  • Asks specific questions in order to uncover the possible causes of a complex problem or issue.
  • States clearly what the implications of a particular choice will be. 

Inventiveness (creativity, resourcefulness)
Proposing new or original ideas, perspectives or solutions.

  • Finds it easy to make associations and connections.
  • Combines own ideas with those of others to create new solutions.
  • Proposes ideas that are substantially different to anything previously proposed by others.
  • Sees new ways of applying existing instruments.
  • Breaks through the existing conceptual frameworks.
  • Experiments with possibilities, tries different approaches.