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Persuasiveness, negotiating.

Succeeding in convincing others about ideas and plans.

  • Puts forward his or her proposals with enthusiasm.
  • Puts forward relevant arguments at precisely the right time.
  • Discusses and addresses any questions or doubts in others.
  • Deploys a range of arguments and behavioural styles in order to win others over, while taking account of their culture, position and background.
  • Responds constructively to negative reactions by continuing to ask questions so as to uncover the underlying arguments.
  • Utilises the right key figures in order to win people and groups over

Promoting and protecting his or her own department’s or organisation’s interests, such that favourable results are achieved whilst still maintaining mutual respect.

  • In negotiations, determines how far he or she can go and what he or she can commit to.
  • Finds out what the objectives, arguments and underlying interests are of the conversations partner.
  • Puts forward arguments as to why the conversation partner’s proposals are not acceptable.
  • Remains committed to his or her own position whilst taking care to maintain a good relationship with other parties.
  • Searches actively for win-win situations in the longer term.
  • Puts forward arguments at just the right time; exerts pressure or releases tension instead.