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 Communication and presentation
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Communication and presentation

Written communication, verbal communication, presenting.

Written communication
Setting out ideas and information clearly in writing, taking relevant target groups into account, and such that the message is received and understood.

  • Uses correct language in letters, memos, e-mails etc.
  • Uses short, clear sentences in texts.
  • Uses form and structure to organise his or her written message clearly.
  • His or her use of written language is consistent with the target group’s specific needs and circumstances.
  • Formulates complex issues clearly and precisely.
  • Formulates sensitive issues tactfully, and adapts his or her choice of words to the objective and target group

Verbal communication
Making ideas and information clear to others verbally using comprehensible language and checking that the message has been understood.

  • Speaks in comprehensible language and explains jargon.
  • Checks that the person being spoken to has understood the message.
  • Uses simple phrases to make his or her point of view clear to the other person.
  • Keeps checking in order to fathom unclear statements or signals.
  • Uses intonation or gestures to underline the message that he or she wishes to convey.
  • Adapts the use of language to that of the person being spoken to and takes account of their cultural context.

Presenting ideas and information clearly, taking the target group into account.

  • Briefly lists the essential points of a complicated matter.
  • Pays attention to the form, individual parts and structure of a communicated message.
  • Aligns the content of the presentation closely to the target group’s expectations.
  • During presentations, makes contact with the audience by inviting people to ask questions and respond.
  • Varies his or her presentational approach.
  • Uses attractive language and examples so that others listen attentively.