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My Career Story - blog

In deze blog vertellen medewerkers van Career Services, andere medewerkers (van de Universiteit Leiden), alumni en studenten wat hen heeft gevormd gedurende hun loopbaan. Elke loopbaan kent 'successen en tegenslagen': daarover wordt in deze blog verteld.

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"A career is unplannable, but what you can do is be aware of the opportunities around you" - Martijn Ridderbos, vice-chairman of the Executive Board

“Giving up on something you do not enjoy is not failure” - Eva Sweep, works at the secretariat for the department of Student Support Services

“Instead of dreaming about a career, I dream about the life I want to live” - Perine Fleury, student and co-founder of Biosphere Solar

"Follow your heart, it's always right" - Ynette Caupain, Student Counselor

"What gets you out of bed in the morning?" - Yvonne Dexel, Career Advice Coordinator

"I challenge you to trust in yourself to take the first step" - Dennis Fiorenza, team leader Career Services

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